Warinterest v4 High Friction – Ultra Hard WHITE Gel Balls (7-7.5mm) (10,000 Pack)



  • Genuine Warinterest Brand
  • The Ultimate Hardened Gel Ball
  • Ideal for High FPS or Tight Bore Barrel Builds
  • One of the Hardest Gel Ball on The Market
  • Frosted White Colour
  • Increased Accuracy and Firing Distance
  • Professional Grade Gel Balls
  • Very Consistent Sized Gel Balls
  • Hardened, Competition Standard
  • Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly, No Stain, No Residue
  • Much Firmer Than Clear Gel Balls, Allowing Them to be Compressed More and Shot Further, Making a Greater Impact Before Bursting

Package includes:

1 x 10,000 pack Gel Balls