Atomic Armoury DC-430 Battery Charger


Atomic Armoury DC-430 Balance Charger


1. Ready-To-Charge,One Step to finish charge process
2. Ready-To-Display,Display the voltage at any time
3. High-Charge-Accuracy,±10mV(max)
4. Multi-Protection,keep charging safe
5. Auto recover the over-discharging battery
6. Save Energy,Balance process do not need discharge
7. Simple operation, charging process step. 
8. The voltage display, no external adapter, readily detected. 
9. Ultrahigh precision charging error is less than 10mV. 
10. Multiple protection features to ensure battery and user safety. 
11. Old battery auto repair. 
12. The new architecture and algorithm design balance, no discharge, the energy savings. 

  Operating Voltage Range: 9V-16V DC
Cells Type Supported: 2-4 cells Li- Ion/Li-Poly
Input Power Request: recommend ≥ 30W
Max Charge Power: 25W
Charge Current: 1500mA
Charge Accuracy: ±10mV
Balance Current: 1000mA
Weight: 76g
Size: 81*50*20mm
Metal Case & Voltage Display

Australian 240v included